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Bellboi is driven by innovation. We leverage our patented technologies to ensure our retailers can provide their customers with a seamless and zero friction onboarding experience. Our cutting edge retail technology solutions have been piloted at some of the biggest retailers in the world, who have derived tremendous value form Bellboi products and solutions.

Retail Expertise

Our team of retail and technology experts have built cutting edge solutions specifically for retail. Our uniqueness has been further validated with our recently awarded patents. With countless hours of research and development, our solutions have been carefully crafted to provide the next generation of retail experience to our customers.

Regulatory Compliance

Bellboi has a strategic partnership with telecom service providers, which gives us access to a rich source of customer data. We take customer data privacy very seriously and our solutions are regulation compliant. To further safeguard customer data, our blockchain technology ensures a consent and privacy layer for all things data related on the Bellboi ecosystem.

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