A perfect blend of retail wisdom
and technical wizardry

Our Story


Founded in 2014 at Harvard University, Bellboi is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously unaccessed data to retailers and other ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through blockchain and real time sensor technology. Our proprietary IoT sensor technology doesn’t depend on any RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, or even facial recognition technologies to identify any customer within it’s vicinity.

Bellboi’s solution is currently live with ION Sensors deployed across several retail establishments in India. Bellboi is doing pilots with all retail formats that include departmental stores, exclusive brands, gas stations, quick service restaurants, and big-box retailers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the unconnected, so brick and mortar stores business can access previously unavailable insights. We achieve this by leveraging cutting edge technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain, which is coupled with sound business intelligence, so retailers can increase their business.

The early focus of our adoption strategy revolves around the retail sector. Beyond retail, Bellboi’s sensor technology has far reaching applications in the field of physical security and connecting global devices. Long term, we intend to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail world.

Our Team

Our team is an interdisciplinary crew of dedicated professionals who are committed to transforming retail shopping experiences using emerging technologies — and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver on our grand vision. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing instead of the easy thing, and on finding the best solution to any problem at hand.