Patented and proprietary
omnichannel solution

O2O Marketing

O2O Marketing

A recent retail study showed that almost 77% of shoppers search for product information online while shopping in a physical store.

With Bellboi’s O2O algorithm, retailers can now offer seamless online and offline shopping experience to their customers. Our patented O2O marketing system now allows retailers to accurately attribute sales to online and offline promotions, thereby allowing retailers to invest marketing dollars smartly and optimise ongoing marketing programs.



Bellboi proprietary technology

Our system uses proprietary technology that is patented (10334426)

O2O with any software

Interoperable with store software
Plug and play our O2O system with any store software

Customer Identification

Deterministic Customer Identification
Unlike the existing solutions, our system uses single anonymised ID to map customers' journey across the digital and physical channels

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