Customer insight,
in realtime.


Nucleus Vision Retailer Dashboard

Neuron is a real time analytics engine for in store consumer behaviour. It works independently as a rich data visualisation and a real time campaign management platform. However, Neuron truly comes to life when coupled with the ION sensor. Based on our proprietary deep learning algorithms, Neuron can help store owners access real time insights like footfall trends over time, power hours, dwell time and granular customer segmentation. Our users have reported greater conversions from campaigns.



Data Visualisation

Rich data visualisation
Easy to consume yet powerful data visualisation for quick insights

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Compatibility
The Retailer Dashboard is easily compatible with retail CRMs

Real Time Campaigns

Swift Campaigning
Create real time powerful campaigns

Retailer Dashboard

Single dashboard for multi-store brands
Oversee all your stores in one view

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