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Boost Business with Bellboi

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
    It is not just dollar value that you gain. But it's your long term rewarding association with your shopper. Bellboi makes it even more gratifying for you and your shoppers both.
  • Improve Conversion Rate
    Use digital intelligence to convert wanderers into shoppers and then loyal shoppers.
  • Increase Basket Size
    Predict what your shoppers want. An in-store exclusive offer as a gesture of love will make your shopper buy little more.
  • Extend Time In-Store
    Time is money! Engaging offers make shoppers spend more time with products that results into more sale.
  • Drive Foot Traffic
    Someone walks by? Convert them into walk ins with Bellboi's in-store and out of the store campaigns
  • Grow Repeat Visits
    Know persona of your first time visitors, device special communication for them, give them personalised shopping experience and they will crave to comeback.
  • Win Customer Loyalty
    You make shoppers feel special when you send them special personal offers just in time. They appreciate your consistency and would love to comeback to you always.
  • Technology Agnostic
    Every shopper is precious, Bellboi serves them all equally. Zero dependency on wifi, Bluetooth, mobile internet, smart phone, or app.

Bellboi in Action

How are these for perks?
Robust Campaign Management,
State-of-the-art dashboards and tools,
Manage and track campaigns automatically.
For free. boom.

want to know the secret